Top 5 Ideas Improve Blog SEO Rating

You've heard for long now why SEO is hard and why it's a long term content game but have you ever wondered why advanced SEO techniques for blogger can seem to be the hardest?

Haven't you reason that way before now?

Maybe it's time you have to do that and see just what it means to you.

Even if you're once told that it's a hard thing ranking blogger in Google most especially with a sub-domain.

But I can tell how I rank for several damn keywords with ease and that's the hack why using Ideas Improve Blog SEO for blogger it's so important nowadays to rankings.

Just the moment I realized how that really impact rankings in the organic search result lists that way I did just more even though I have to manually do them all.

But that really pays off in the long run.

Guess what.

These tricks are so simple and it's proven just that it's a new dimension that can skyrocket your blog overnight and if you don't know just yet the way to go about everything I recommend you to stay from the beginning to the end.

That said, one thing that actually impacts rankings now is the fast indexing of your articles so if you mistakenly lose out on that no matter how that article looks great it takes only just a few people to manually have a read on it even with the hours spent on content marketing.

I believe that initially looks weird but it's the truth why that stress creating an article that in the long run, it won't become everyone thing?

So, if it won't then I believe it sucks.

That's why it's so important to manually do them all just to improve your search rankings. You don't have to wait long for Google bot to do just that because it can take you weeks or even months before that might happen.

And eventually, you're losing out why don't you manually do them and make your Blogspot blog more visible in the SERP?

You don't need to wait anymore while waiting might seem late because that really has hit me.

I can tell why some of my articles spend months without getting index not that they ain't great enough for everyone to see just that it's Google.

And there's no way you can put the blame on Google, you just have to accept the fate but that shouldn't continue to happen all the time why not shift the strategy and rank well in Google?

So I have a way to show you and yet it's proven, I told you that before now and once you feel so ready then I believe it's time to really dive in.

Today, I've got you 5 actionable tips you can use to better your search rankings in the organic search results and I called the so trick Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO.

So, let's see something about that.

Best Ideas to Improve Blog SEO. - The new cheat

  1.     Use a sitemap to improve your indexing rate
  2.     Re-optimize your title tag for higher rankings and CTR
  3.     Short URL perform even better
  4.     Optimize for several keyword - SEO tricks
  5.     Use metrics to improve your SEO techniques

1. Use a sitemap to improve your indexing rate

I will open up here even though it's a secret but it's a real cheat I used for a couple of weeks now and I really can tell the impact it brings on the table.

The level now is that I don't think I have to wait long for Google bot to do just that so I have to manually do them and it has really skyrocketed my rankings.

Aside from being added as a Google news source that makes my articles get indexed much faster, I can still say that's much of Google news vertical, not for search engine optimization.

So I still have to manually increase the indexing speed in order to compete in the search result right away.

 Let me show the way out if you already don't have a sitemap for your Blogspot blog I recommend you to get just one now.

After all, visit the Google webmaster, add the created sitemap if install correctly you'll see something like this.

 After you have done that manually check those webpages that don't index yet in the search console.

Then it's time to request for indexing capture so this is how you're going to run that.

Click on the webpage, something like this will show up:
  • Inspect URL
  • Test Robots.txt blocking

But one thing, requesting google index doesn't equate much into fast ranking in the SERP, the position of your web page still remains in Google's hand.

So you requesting for index multiple times doesn't really impact your rankings. if that you want to rank almost instantly on Google's first page depending on the keyword difficulty you have to build on topical relevance and search intent.

Almost every article I published out there happens to stick on search intent and that has fastened my search rankings so far.

Most times I have to use related searches to find my keyword opportunities just like the new keyword advanced SEO for blogger.

Of course, it's a new keyword with a few monthly searches but with time it will build that monthly momentum as long as I won't just rank for the main keyword but also for several others.

So it worth going for with the intention of optimizing other keywords.

I have shown you the Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO to index your content much faster.

But your content will tell if you are going to rank well or not.

The advanced SEO cheat is real and it's proven for fast indexing but now it's up to you to improve your search rankings.

Fast indexing + great content = faster ranking.

So now that you know the Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO trick it's best you use it to improve your rankings.

2. Re-optimize your title tag for higher rankings and CTR

If you're going to solve the puzzle from SEO basic to advance it's all started with just a little more techniques that will modify your content for higher rankings.

The little more Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO are just more of re-optimizing your title tag to generate more clicks and higher search ranking spots.

Let's take a look at the search console data performance below;


You can see just from the screenshot above 474 web clicks and with 2.95k impressions.

If I try to export it on Google spreadsheet, here's what I get to see below:

 You can see just from the screenshot above that the web page generates over 90 search queries and each with their own unique data metrics like:

  • Clicks - How many users click on the web page in SERP.
  • Impressions - How many times users see the web page.
  • Click-through-rate - The percentage rate of the total clicks.
  • Position - The spot of each query in the organic search result lists.

If I've to go by all that once thing I would likely do is to spot on the frequent keyword on each query.

If at all I would rather want to hack on the Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO I will do just that to improve my web performance.

After I've spotted on the frequently use keyword that way I will modify the title tag just to resonate with the search query which is more like a search intent.

The most generic keywords that occur frequently are that of Blogspot and SEO of which blogger, in this case, is out of the content game.

The actual game plan was all about ranking for several search terms including blogger so I optimize for that just from the body text of the content.

Luckily enough I got the Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO right almost every content I re-optimize(title tag and meta description) do ranks well even higher than ever.

Since then I've realized why re-purposing content can so help improve rankings in SERP.

For every content, I churn out there I do make sure I re-optimize it for the user's intent in order to stay relevant even more.

SEO now is more than a race, it's now everyone thing which is called a marathon. I believe we all are doing something in secret in order to gain the top 10 spots or even the featured snippets.

So those who will eventually generate more traffics and claim the top 10 spots are the ones who keep re-optimizing in order to stay relevant even more in the user's eyes.

If you're going to make changes trying out this Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO is enough to do justice and rank well.

Don't just stay and fold your arms but keep re-optimizing to make the content looks better than anyone else out there.

That's the blogger SEO tricks I'm talking about here.

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3. Short URL perform even better

If you're still using the old format of SEO techniques there's much to do because that won't help you much as the SEO trends really have shifted a long time before now.

Aside from you having breadcrumbs as a template feature that isn't what really matter you still have to manually do somethings that can otherwise improve your rankings.

A long URL doesn't really impact rankings anymore because in most cases it's hard for Google's crawler to understand the intent of the URL.

If the article URL isn't that clean enough in Google's eye what that usually means is that there's a higher probability of having wrong queries as keywords pointing to users in SERP which don't fit the content intent.

I mean queries that don't match the intent of your article that way you won't rank anymore for the main keyword because Google would pull out some irrelevant keywords that really don't go well with the content.

And that happens because it's hard for Google itself to figure out the article URL intent.

So whenever Google lacks any idea about your permalinks it would rather pull out some irrelevant queries that you didn't optimize for.

That's why it's so important to keep your URL clean and simple.

The only way you can get this Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO right is to figure out your main keyword I mean the keyword you want to rank well for.

For example, if you're going to write an epic guide on Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO 2020(+ tutorial) - The new course

This way, it's best you figure out your main keyword, let's say your main keyword is Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO of which it means everything about the guide is optimized for the keyword advanced SEO techniques.

 That's your focus keyword yet let's say you have written an epic guide about it so this way you don't any longer have to make a mistake using all the keywords of which that stays in the headline.

You don't really have to do that just try as much to pick up the main keyword advance SEO techniques fix it into the permalinks sections.

That will really tell the intent of the URL which will eventually help in ranking well.

Because it will show to Google that everything about this article is based on the keyword advanced SEO techniques and that will help improve your rankings.

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4. Optimize for several keywords

Let's say as you picked up the keyword advanced SEO techniques still there is much to do as you don't need to stop there.

You still have to optimize for related search terms.

For example, advanced SEO techniques 2020, advanced SEO course, advanced SEO tutorial, SEO techniques, and many more.

All these are keywords you don't have to make it compulsory only for the title tag section.

As you know everything can't fix naturally so you have to avoid spammy them.

This way, you have to tap into some SEO techniques by fixing those keywords without looking as if you are stuffing them.

You have to just do them naturally and try to avoid too many repetitions.

For instance, when you scroll down to the related search results you'll find some relevant keywords that are a good fit for your main keyword.

Those related search results above serve as more opportunities to drive relevant traffic that might help with conversion.

The queries are also otherwise known as search intents which might help you with keyword planning and strategy.

When you're about doing justice know that it can only happen if only you optimize or render it through the body text of the content.

What do I mean?

Let's say you want to fix some relevant keywords that can increase the chances of your traffic.

You should do that with some uniqueness which is more natural.

This way you should write in alignment with the intent of those keywords not why you want it to appear.

When you realized that you'll be very cautious about not stuffing them but do them naturally.

And that matters.

5 Use metrics to improve your SEO techniques

The metrics said here go far beyond using Google Analytics, Google studios, Google trends and many more to improve your SEO techniques.

It's just more than that we all know those analytics metrics are important when figuring out the user's engagement and behavior.

But they ain't what makes you rank well those metrics can only help you adjust your SEO strategy.

To rank well you'll need to do more of social listening to figure out the audience's needs.

Great content is king but topical relevance + search intent is key to ranking in SERP.

When you churn out the best article out there coupled with relevance and search intent.

You won't have much trouble not claiming the number 1 spot or even you can as well go ahead stealing the featured snippet.

When you use social listening as a metric you will have probably gain insight in many ways of which users behave towards a given keyword.

Aside from using forums, search engine related results.

You can stumble more often on social media especially Twitter and Instagram to discover new keyword opportunities.

And I can tell how this Ideas Improve Blog SEO really has doubled my search traffic for a couple of weeks now.

For instance, using quora for social listening really can mean a lot to you.

Because that's where you see marketing gurus giving some explanation concerning a keyword.

Also, it's where you can find a new keyword to hack on.

It's just a public forum for information more of questions and answers.

Which can be a good fit to improve your advanced SEO techniques to rank well in SERP.

Because it will help you build on user's search intent and topical needs.


Now that you have a proper guide on SEO I believe you have built more knowledge about how to rank well in SERP.

As we know SEO is a long term content game and what matters there is your improvement

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