Top 5 Ideas Improve Blog SEO Rating

You've heard for long now why SEO is hard and why it's a long term content game but have you ever wondered why advanced SEO techniques for blogger can seem to be the hardest?

Haven't you reason that way before now?

Maybe it's time you have to do that and see just what it means to you.

Even if you're once told that it's a hard thing ranking blogger in Google most especially with a sub-domain.

But I can tell how I rank for several damn keywords with ease and that's the hack why using Ideas Improve Blog SEO for blogger it's so important nowadays to rankings.

Just the moment I realized how that really impact rankings in the organic search result lists that way I did just more even though I have to manually do them all.

But that really pays off in the long run.

Guess what.

These tricks are so simple and it's proven just that it's a new dimension that can skyrocket your blog overnight and if you don't know just yet the way to go about everything I recommend you to stay from the beginning to the end.

That said, one thing that actually impacts rankings now is the fast indexing of your articles so if you mistakenly lose out on that no matter how that article looks great it takes only just a few people to manually have a read on it even with the hours spent on content marketing.

I believe that initially looks weird but it's the truth why that stress creating an article that in the long run, it won't become everyone thing?

So, if it won't then I believe it sucks.

That's why it's so important to manually do them all just to improve your search rankings. You don't have to wait long for Google bot to do just that because it can take you weeks or even months before that might happen.

And eventually, you're losing out why don't you manually do them and make your Blogspot blog more visible in the SERP?

You don't need to wait anymore while waiting might seem late because that really has hit me.

I can tell why some of my articles spend months without getting index not that they ain't great enough for everyone to see just that it's Google.

And there's no way you can put the blame on Google, you just have to accept the fate but that shouldn't continue to happen all the time why not shift the strategy and rank well in Google?

So I have a way to show you and yet it's proven, I told you that before now and once you feel so ready then I believe it's time to really dive in.

Today, I've got you 5 actionable tips you can use to better your search rankings in the organic search results and I called the so trick Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO.

So, let's see something about that.

Best Ideas to Improve Blog SEO. - The new cheat

  1.     Use a sitemap to improve your indexing rate
  2.     Re-optimize your title tag for higher rankings and CTR
  3.     Short URL perform even better
  4.     Optimize for several keyword - SEO tricks
  5.     Use metrics to improve your SEO techniques

1. Use a sitemap to improve your indexing rate

I will open up here even though it's a secret but it's a real cheat I used for a couple of weeks now and I really can tell the impact it brings on the table.

The level now is that I don't think I have to wait long for Google bot to do just that so I have to manually do them and it has really skyrocketed my rankings.

Aside from being added as a Google news source that makes my articles get indexed much faster, I can still say that's much of Google news vertical, not for search engine optimization.

So I still have to manually increase the indexing speed in order to compete in the search result right away.

 Let me show the way out if you already don't have a sitemap for your Blogspot blog I recommend you to get just one now.

After all, visit the Google webmaster, add the created sitemap if install correctly you'll see something like this.

 After you have done that manually check those webpages that don't index yet in the search console.

Then it's time to request for indexing capture so this is how you're going to run that.

Click on the webpage, something like this will show up:
  • Inspect URL
  • Test Robots.txt blocking

But one thing, requesting google index doesn't equate much into fast ranking in the SERP, the position of your web page still remains in Google's hand.

So you requesting for index multiple times doesn't really impact your rankings. if that you want to rank almost instantly on Google's first page depending on the keyword difficulty you have to build on topical relevance and search intent.

Almost every article I published out there happens to stick on search intent and that has fastened my search rankings so far.

Most times I have to use related searches to find my keyword opportunities just like the new keyword advanced SEO for blogger.

Of course, it's a new keyword with a few monthly searches but with time it will build that monthly momentum as long as I won't just rank for the main keyword but also for several others.

So it worth going for with the intention of optimizing other keywords.

I have shown you the Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO to index your content much faster.

But your content will tell if you are going to rank well or not.

The advanced SEO cheat is real and it's proven for fast indexing but now it's up to you to improve your search rankings.

Fast indexing + great content = faster ranking.

So now that you know the Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO trick it's best you use it to improve your rankings.

2. Re-optimize your title tag for higher rankings and CTR

If you're going to solve the puzzle from SEO basic to advance it's all started with just a little more techniques that will modify your content for higher rankings.

The little more Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO are just more of re-optimizing your title tag to generate more clicks and higher search ranking spots.

Let's take a look at the search console data performance below;


You can see just from the screenshot above 474 web clicks and with 2.95k impressions.

If I try to export it on Google spreadsheet, here's what I get to see below:

 You can see just from the screenshot above that the web page generates over 90 search queries and each with their own unique data metrics like:

  • Clicks - How many users click on the web page in SERP.
  • Impressions - How many times users see the web page.
  • Click-through-rate - The percentage rate of the total clicks.
  • Position - The spot of each query in the organic search result lists.

If I've to go by all that once thing I would likely do is to spot on the frequent keyword on each query.

If at all I would rather want to hack on the Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO I will do just that to improve my web performance.

After I've spotted on the frequently use keyword that way I will modify the title tag just to resonate with the search query which is more like a search intent.

The most generic keywords that occur frequently are that of Blogspot and SEO of which blogger, in this case, is out of the content game.

The actual game plan was all about ranking for several search terms including blogger so I optimize for that just from the body text of the content.

Luckily enough I got the Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO right almost every content I re-optimize(title tag and meta description) do ranks well even higher than ever.

Since then I've realized why re-purposing content can so help improve rankings in SERP.

For every content, I churn out there I do make sure I re-optimize it for the user's intent in order to stay relevant even more.

SEO now is more than a race, it's now everyone thing which is called a marathon. I believe we all are doing something in secret in order to gain the top 10 spots or even the featured snippets.

So those who will eventually generate more traffics and claim the top 10 spots are the ones who keep re-optimizing in order to stay relevant even more in the user's eyes.

If you're going to make changes trying out this Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO is enough to do justice and rank well.

Don't just stay and fold your arms but keep re-optimizing to make the content looks better than anyone else out there.

That's the blogger SEO tricks I'm talking about here.

Read here: What is Blog?

3. Short URL perform even better

If you're still using the old format of SEO techniques there's much to do because that won't help you much as the SEO trends really have shifted a long time before now.

Aside from you having breadcrumbs as a template feature that isn't what really matter you still have to manually do somethings that can otherwise improve your rankings.

A long URL doesn't really impact rankings anymore because in most cases it's hard for Google's crawler to understand the intent of the URL.

If the article URL isn't that clean enough in Google's eye what that usually means is that there's a higher probability of having wrong queries as keywords pointing to users in SERP which don't fit the content intent.

I mean queries that don't match the intent of your article that way you won't rank anymore for the main keyword because Google would pull out some irrelevant keywords that really don't go well with the content.

And that happens because it's hard for Google itself to figure out the article URL intent.

So whenever Google lacks any idea about your permalinks it would rather pull out some irrelevant queries that you didn't optimize for.

That's why it's so important to keep your URL clean and simple.

The only way you can get this Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO right is to figure out your main keyword I mean the keyword you want to rank well for.

For example, if you're going to write an epic guide on Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO 2020(+ tutorial) - The new course

This way, it's best you figure out your main keyword, let's say your main keyword is Best Ideas Improve Blog SEO of which it means everything about the guide is optimized for the keyword advanced SEO techniques.

 That's your focus keyword yet let's say you have written an epic guide about it so this way you don't any longer have to make a mistake using all the keywords of which that stays in the headline.

You don't really have to do that just try as much to pick up the main keyword advance SEO techniques fix it into the permalinks sections.

That will really tell the intent of the URL which will eventually help in ranking well.

Because it will show to Google that everything about this article is based on the keyword advanced SEO techniques and that will help improve your rankings.

Read About: MangaStream

4. Optimize for several keywords

Let's say as you picked up the keyword advanced SEO techniques still there is much to do as you don't need to stop there.

You still have to optimize for related search terms.

For example, advanced SEO techniques 2020, advanced SEO course, advanced SEO tutorial, SEO techniques, and many more.

All these are keywords you don't have to make it compulsory only for the title tag section.

As you know everything can't fix naturally so you have to avoid spammy them.

This way, you have to tap into some SEO techniques by fixing those keywords without looking as if you are stuffing them.

You have to just do them naturally and try to avoid too many repetitions.

For instance, when you scroll down to the related search results you'll find some relevant keywords that are a good fit for your main keyword.

Those related search results above serve as more opportunities to drive relevant traffic that might help with conversion.

The queries are also otherwise known as search intents which might help you with keyword planning and strategy.

When you're about doing justice know that it can only happen if only you optimize or render it through the body text of the content.

What do I mean?

Let's say you want to fix some relevant keywords that can increase the chances of your traffic.

You should do that with some uniqueness which is more natural.

This way you should write in alignment with the intent of those keywords not why you want it to appear.

When you realized that you'll be very cautious about not stuffing them but do them naturally.

And that matters.

5 Use metrics to improve your SEO techniques

The metrics said here go far beyond using Google Analytics, Google studios, Google trends and many more to improve your SEO techniques.

It's just more than that we all know those analytics metrics are important when figuring out the user's engagement and behavior.

But they ain't what makes you rank well those metrics can only help you adjust your SEO strategy.

To rank well you'll need to do more of social listening to figure out the audience's needs.

Great content is king but topical relevance + search intent is key to ranking in SERP.

When you churn out the best article out there coupled with relevance and search intent.

You won't have much trouble not claiming the number 1 spot or even you can as well go ahead stealing the featured snippet.

When you use social listening as a metric you will have probably gain insight in many ways of which users behave towards a given keyword.

Aside from using forums, search engine related results.

You can stumble more often on social media especially Twitter and Instagram to discover new keyword opportunities.

And I can tell how this Ideas Improve Blog SEO really has doubled my search traffic for a couple of weeks now.

For instance, using quora for social listening really can mean a lot to you.

Because that's where you see marketing gurus giving some explanation concerning a keyword.

Also, it's where you can find a new keyword to hack on.

It's just a public forum for information more of questions and answers.

Which can be a good fit to improve your advanced SEO techniques to rank well in SERP.

Because it will help you build on user's search intent and topical needs.


Now that you have a proper guide on SEO I believe you have built more knowledge about how to rank well in SERP.

As we know SEO is a long term content game and what matters there is your improvement

SEO Copywriting: How to Create Content that Ranks And Converts?

What is the best way to build a profitable blog or online business?

If you say "good content", you are 100% correct because content is the king.

People and Google - both go hand in hand. ONE way to build a successful online business is to create great content.

This is where SEO writing plays a role. Copy SEO is about creating content that converts and ranks well in search engines.

In this detailed guide, you will learn;
  •     What is SEO copying and its importance
  •     How to create flexible and dynamic content
  •     Examples of copying SEO (real life)
  •     All the essential SEO writing tools you need

So are you ready to learn? It can be started without much.

SEO Copywriting: Guide for Beginners

What is SEO Copywriting?

Copywriting SEO is the art of creating human content and making good use of search engines such as Google.

SEO copywriting = Copy (dynamic content) + Search Optimization (content that creates organic traffic)

Here's a simple difference between writing and copying SEO and examples.
  •     Copywriting involves creating personalized content (an excellent example is "Copyblogger" which uses content to convert people into customers)
  •     Copy SEO contributes to the creation of dynamic content and also drives more traffic (an excellent example is “Backlinko” as Brian Dean's content drives HUGE search traffic and is also converted into profitable)

Why is copying SEO writing important?

Copywriting SEO is about working for two masters - one is: your target audience and the other is: Google. He created content for people and made the beauty of bots.

Google appears every day. It is increasingly wise. The people were also very kind. They have so many options out there. If your content sucks, they will visit your competing websites. It's that simple.

That’s why you need to use the best SEO writing techniques to satisfy people and search engines.

Here are some of the great benefits of SEO writing.
  •     Excellent writing is about convincing people with your words. You indirectly sell your products / services with your writing skills. So in the end it helps you with more profit.
  •     SEO writing helps you with a higher level of search because you will be more focused on those search terms people are already looking for.
  •     It helps you with better conversions and improves your online product awareness.
  •     With SEO copywriting, you can connect and engage with a wide range of people around the world.
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SEO Copywriting Best Practices

We will now talk about the best SEO writing practices where you will learn how to write for people and use Google power.

Learn the 4-step SEO Process for Effective SEO Publishing

Here is a four-step process of SEO to learn how to properly write SEO.

Step 1: Start with Keyword Research

If you want to improve in SEO writing, you will have to learn the art of finding better keywords. Keyword research is the first step to SEO success.

What is keyword research anyway?

Keyword research is the process of finding the names and phrases people typed on Google to get what they want.

As per SEMrush Organic Research report, we’re generating 4% of our monthly traffic from the above search term.

So if you want to get better at SEO writing, you need to understand keywords first.

You need to identify the keywords that people actually want. How do you get started?

Here's a quick tutorial on finding the best keywords so you can create content that creates more organic traffic.

We will use SEMrush for keyword research (the same SEO tool we have been using on BloggerPassion for over 5 years now).

If you can't access it, you can visit this link to get a FREE 30-day trial.

Once on the SEMrush dashboard, visit the Keyword Tool under the keyword survey.

Enter any title or keyword for your decision and hit enter. It sets you up for a ton of keyword ideas. Look;

seo copywriting
 As you can see above, the SEMrush key tool creates 36,000 keywords for the word “Copyy writing”. That's a lot of keyword ideas, isn't it?

You can sort those bold words by;
  •     Wide game
  •     Questions
  •     Game of Thrones
  •     Fair play
  •     Related

Or you can filter keywords using different keyword metrics.

As you can see, you will find various keyword metrics like;

  •     Volume (monthly key search)
  •     Trends (keyword preferences, you can see if the topic gets more search or less search overtime)
  •     KD% (tells you how easy / difficult it can be to put this keyword on your website)
  •     CPC (shows you the cost per advertiser for each advertiser who pays Google by clicking on their PPC keyword ad)
  •     Minimum contention (The level of advertisers discussing this keyword, 1 indicates the highest value of the competition and a rating of 0 indicates no competition)
  •     SF (referring to SERP features such as embedded thumbnails, people also ask and more on the results page of this keyword)

If you are looking for competing keywords, select less than 500 keyword searches per month.

As you can see above, when you search for “copywriting tips” on Google, at the bottom of the search results page, you’ll find various related searches that can be used as LSI keywords.

Want to know more about keyword research? You can refer to our helpful guide on using SEMrush and keyword planner for finding the ultimate keywords in any niche.

 Step 2: Customize your content on Google

Page usage is the process of maximizing your content with specific keywords to attract more traffic from search engines such as Google.

Page usage only occurs after keyword research. Once you've found better keywords, you should place your keywords in specific areas of your blog post to get better rankings.

Here are some of the key areas where your keywords and secondary keywords should appear on your blog.
  •     Title tags (as most important and make sure to use at least a keyword)
  •     Meta Definition (try using natural keywords and secondary ones)
  •     URL (keep it short and simple and try entering a keyword)
  •     Image alt tags (use your keyword in your featured image)
  •     Subtitles (use LSI keywords to customize your content)

We are currently using the Rank Math plugins to perform well on our blog post page. It is completely free to use and offers excellent features.

Step 3: Build Relevant Links

There are hundreds of factors Google considers while ranking a web page. Out of them all, backlinks play a crucial role.
Do you know why most of the authority websites often get higher rankings even with ordinary content? Due to the huge number of backlinks.
Building relevant backlinks can help you with higher rankings in search results even if you’re running a brand new blog or website.
Here are some of the easy link building strategies you can use in 2020.
  • Reach out to other bloggers. This is by far the most effective strategy to build relevant links naturally. The key here is to engage with other bloggers regularly through blog commenting, email outreach, social media shares and so on.
  • Write guest posts for others. It’s the evergreen link building strategy.
  • Use tools like SEMrush to find link building opportunities. Analyze your competitors backlink sources and find ways to attract those links to your site in various ways such as broken link building, skyscraper technique and so on
You can refer to this guide on building high quality backlinks for your site.

Step 4: Keep Improving Your Blog’s Content

Most people don’t update their existing content. They made blog posts and forget about them. If you’re also doing the same, you’re making a huge mistake.

What’s the point of creating new content if you’re not generating any results with your old content?

So always keep an eye on your existing blog posts, analyze their rankings, analyse the competition and keep improving your content for better results.

Track & Analyze Keyword Rankings: Make sure to always track and analyse your keyword rankings using tools like SEMrush. That way you can improve your content if their rankings are declining.

Learn to Create Content that Sells Itself [Here’s How]

So far we talked about how to find better keywords, optimize your pages and rank for those terms. Let’s now talk about the most important element which is “Copywriting”.

Here are some of the PROVEN ways to create content that sells and converts.

Learn the art of storytelling

Storytelling is powerful. Did you know that people remember stories 22x more than facts and figures?
The SEO guru Neil Patel states, “62% of B2B marketers rated storytelling as an effective content marketing tactic”.
So yes, storytelling is the future of online marketing. Storytelling has so many benefits including;
  • It helps you build a strong connection with your audience
  • It increases your brand recognition and helps you stand out from the crowd
  • Connecting stories often go viral online
Above all, storytelling is what helps you turn your website visitors into customers without selling hard.

Read here: vs

Final thoughts on SEO copywriting for beginners

Learning to create content that’s optimized for both people and search engines is an art. If you become good at it, there’s no stopping you. But SEO copywriting takes time to learn and master and it’s worth your time.
Fortunately, we now have access to so many copywriting and SEO related blogs that produce high-quality content. Read them, watch their videos, listen to copywriting related podcasts to become good at it.
So what are your thoughts on SEO copywriting? Are you going to write content for your visitors and optimize for search bots? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments.

MangaStream – Best Alternative Websites to Read Manga Online [2020]

Comedy is still very popular in this age where almost everything available with digital animation and animation is gaining momentum. MangaStream was a website that knew this well. Manga comedy is the soul of comedy lovers around the world, and MangaStream was one of the favorite places to crave their hunger for top manga jokes. But MangaStream is no longer live online and its time to switch to a different comedy provider. So, here is a list of the top MangStream Alternatives you can use.
manga stream

What is MangaStream?

MangaStream is a comic manga scanning database where anyone can read Japanese jokes at no extra charge. It is a free service for comedians. MangaStream has been around for almost a decade with a promising record of providing high-quality manga comics.

Mangastream, one of the largest manga scan nation sites on the Internet, appears to have been shut down. The site disappeared this week and its official Twitter account has also been deleted. Although there is no official statement accompanying the closure, we can confirm that Japanese publisher Shueisha directed the venue in a US court earlier this year.

Manga is a Japanese comedian with a unique storyline, deep tracks, and characters. Manga contains a wide variety of game genres, namely action, commercial and business, comedy, detective, historical drama, horror, skepticism, romance, science fiction and fiction. Unlike many other comic book details, MangaStream has a select process for selecting jokes that they translate and place on their platform. The entire manga series included captures the Japanese culture clearly, style jokes in a way that showcases great artistic talent and has engaging dialogue writing. MangaStream is clean from malicious ad networks. It does not contain any type of adware that does not put your device at risk of receiving unwanted viruses by automatically downloading any other free online manga.

The Li series is one of the best comedies in the world. Originally from Japan, manga jokes are known around the world for their unique characters, representation and style. It includes all genres such as sci-fi, action, drama, adults, romance and more. You can find many manga jokes on the web but they will all be available in Japanese language. However, over the past decades sites like mangastream have made these glasses available to everyone online for free. But for some reason, the site is down for a long time.

Why did MangaStream go down?

Nearly a decade after its release, the official website is now completely down and inactive. However, the website with the URL is still active, and its functionality has not yet been verified. Chances are that this website is finally a Clone website.

The main reason for its closure was not specified by MangaSteam. However, it is expected that the real owners of manga comics will put pressure on them to take over the website. Even the official twitter handle of MangaStrem all tweets are deleted.

Best Alternatives Sites Like MangaStream are:


 Kissmanga is a free online comic website with over 100,000 manga series, making it a great guide for them. You can learn manga with high quality graphics and daily updates of all kinds. You will also receive notifications for the latest chapter and manga list. You can manage your favorite jokes and share them with your contacts. Allows the user to change the viewer read mode from left to right or left. You will receive search categories and find a list of manga comic words. The best place to watch anime is gogoanime. You can also send your feedback to Kissmanga to send in your questions. One of the best alternatives to MangaStream.


You will find Manga of all kinds in this different MangaStream. Without a single charge or subscription, you can read all your favorite manga jokes online.

It's a great website and one of my favorite manga comedy websites. You will be able to browse the site listing map, new version, genre and random Manga.


In this other version of Manga Stream, you will find a wide variety of variants. You can read all your Manga Comics favorites online without a single charge or subscription. It is one of my favorite websites for fake jokes. Mangas, the new, new and random version of Manga of this site can be viewed.


Mangareborn is one of those sites aimed at distributing unknown mangas around the world. It is one of the many ways in which the manga has a large number of mangas in its library.

The website is clean and has a forum to discuss the need for mangas or publishing dates. You can chat with other members to get anonymous titles or character data. This site is relatively new and expands its users. Excellent site like MangaStream.


With a comprehensive collection, Mangareader can feed your daily need for Manga. They offer excellent content in a very simple format after release. All comic manga is free here as mangastream.


ComiXology is a free digital comic website designed for free. Compatible with iOS, the web and Android. You can navigate, buy and read jokes online using this website. You can customize your search preferences on the basis of your favorite type. You can download the mobile app for quick access. It's a great platform for comedy lovers. No matter what your device is, you can read all your favorite manga jokes in English on this website. Because of all its features, it is considered one of the best websites like MangaStream.


If you search for Manga Panda, you will find a huge library of thousands of manga comics translated into English. You can access this alternative to MangaStream using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. You can find all kinds of comedies of various kinds like action, adventure, mystery, romance, entertaining many others. All content on this website is free and you can read the original jokes instead of the translated ones. However, this website has absolutely no problem. You may find ads and link to pop-ups that will annoy you while you reach Manga Panda.


 Mangaeden is a simple website full of cheap and interesting manga jokes. Mangaeden's internal search option allows you to limit your search results and find the most relevant manga jokes. You can also add Manga to the site without reading Manga. One of the best alternatives to MangaStream.

 Viz Media

Viz Media is a free app for learning funny manga with in-app purchases. It's free for Android and iOS devices but you may need to purchase a subscription program to read mangas in PC version. Not only manga, but it also has a large Japanese anime library and news. You can enter the world of anime and manga in one app. Apart from this, you can also search for your favorite lies using its title as a keyword. You will find all these terms and phrases translated into English. Considered an e-reader app and library of manga series and anime lovers. Lovers of anime, we have specially prepared cartoon sites to watch anime and cartoons.

Computer Will Not Wake up From Power Saving Mode Sleep

If your computer does not turn on properly, it can be connected to Sleep mode. Sleep mode is an energy-saving function designed to save energy and save the explosion of your computer system. Monitoring and other activities close automatically after a specified period of inactivity. When the computer is needed again, it starts to back up and remembers all previously opened programs, allowing it to start processing much faster than a full startup. Sometimes a computer can get stuck in sleep mode and need to solve a problem. So in this article, we will show you how your Computer Will Not Wake up From Power Saving Mode Sleep. Let's go-ahead..

If you are at your computer and away from it for a few minutes, when you return, it appears that your computer has gone into energy-saving mode. In other words, it is time to go to bed. All of this is fine, providing you can now wake up your computer from this deep sleep-saving sleep.

Many computer users move the mouse, tap on the keyboard, and turn on the track monitor, in an attempt to wake up a sleeping computer.

This Automatic Power saving mode is a great feature when it works the way it should be done. However, if you are in the middle of writing a document that you have been working on for more than two hours and you have not had a chance to save so far, Automatic Power control mode can be a disaster.

You go looking for a cup of coffee and return to a blank computer screen or a black screen with an indicator, but either way, you have a computer that doesn't respond. If you can't get the computer up in this sleep-deprived sleep, all your hard work will be lost.

How to wake up from power-saving mode? 

With so many different computer products and computer components, there are a few different ways to turn your computer into a powerhouse.
  •     The obvious way is to press buttons on your keyboard or to move your mouse.
  •     Basically we need to blow it up. Sometimes people make a hard restart.
  •     You can remove all cables and power from the computer. Press the power button when nothing is connected. Then reconnect all cables and restart your computer.
  •     If you have a laptop you can remove the battery and wires.
  •     Sometimes it is necessary to clear the memory and restore it. Then restart the computer.

Why won’t the mouse and keyboard wake up the computer from the power-saving sleep?

To use the mouse or keyboard to wake up the computer from power-saving mode, you sometimes need to enable this feature. I hope this is the answer to your problem because this is the easiest problem to solve.

These steps are the first to try and if this doesn’t solve your problem I will give you some extra things to try.

  •     Go to the start menu.
  •     Right-click on My computer and choose Properties from the menu that pops up.
  •     System properties will open. In Windows Vista click on Advanced Settings in the right menu.
  •     In both Windows XP and Windows Vista, you can go to the hardware tabs.
  •     Click on the Device Manager button.
  •     Find your mouse in the devices list. To open sections click on the + sign next to the word. Click on the device to make it blue.
  •     Then right click on it and choose properties from the menu. See the screen shot below.
Computer Will Not Wake up From Power Saving Mode Sleep
  • When your mouse areas open, go to the Power Management tab.
  • Tick ​​the box next to it to allow the device to start the computer.
  • Press OK. See screenshot below.
Computer Will Not Wake up From Power Saving Mode Sleep

Additional steps to be taken when your computer will not wake up?

  •     Disable power saving mode completely.
  •     Check to see if your computer has a crash problem. If it does, it won't start again until it's cool.
  •     Download all Windows Updates.
  •     Make sure your computer does not have a limited power supply.
  •     Check your Hardware. Graphics cards and motherboards are common causes of this problem.
  •     Clean motherboard and other contaminants and dust. Contamination causes static and static damage. Please see how you can safely open computer cases and how to clean inside your computer.

Let us know how you wake up your computer in sleep mode?

MIUI 13 Release Date, Features, Eligible Devices List

MIUI 13 development has already begun as the company just unveiled MIUI 12, and is about to start MIUI 12 roll-out in June. The Xiaomi MIUI research team published the MIUI 13 functional design.

A few months ago, some rumors about the development of MIUI 13 survived online. However, it looks like it was just a rumor and there is nothing official yet, but it is safe to assume that Xiaomi will release a replacement for the MIUI 12 next year. Starting with MIUI 5, released back in March 2013, Xiaomi came up with a major update to its Android-based operating system each year, though some versions took more than 12 months to roll out - such as the MIUI 12, which came in less than 7months.

miui 13 release date

An app that was accessible to Google Play at the end of June says it wants to access MIUI 13 and we strongly advise you not to access it. Published by Madhav Developers, a company with a Gmail-only address and a built-in website, MIUI 13 Release date (first access) look like a place to hold ads, nothing more.

However, with the initial release of beta Android 11, the focus has now shifted to the release of MIUI 13. This will be the next Android skin from Xiaomi and will be based on Android 11. According to recent reports, the company has already started upgrading MIUI 13 So, let’s take a look at the release date of MIUI 13 and the features we can expect them to deliver.

To date, the app has been installed by more than 100 people but has no reviews or ratings yet. It's amazing how both Google and Xiaomi missed its presence and allowed it to remain on Google Play so far. Screenshots on the Google Play App page showing what appears to be MIUI 12 built-in links - for example, the so-called "MIUI 13" Xiaomi Mi 9 SE OTA screenshot shows 20.4.27 as its build number, which is the older MIUI 12 beta (more details about the construction of the old 12 betas can be found on this page).

Madhav Developers also has an app called MIUI Custom ROM on Google Play, which looks nothing but a ROM stylebook app that provides links to various Xiaomi ROMs, including Resurrection Remix, LineageOS, RevengeOS, and more.

MIUI 13 Release Date

Based on previous releases, we expect to see MIUI 13 released as a beta version in early 2021. These releases will be for developers to release or create new programs to support the new MIUI skin. And we can expect to see the stable MIUI 13 release as of June 2021. Indeed, it will take another few weeks and months for the update to be available on all Xiaomi supported devices.

Since MIUI 13 download update (First Access) means nothing more than a misleading app name that doesn't deliver on its promises, feel free to report this app to Google. MIUI 13 may be in development, but community testing has not yet begun. As soon as that happens, we will be sure to let you know.

The MIUI 13 is already in the development stage as Xiaomi has officially confirmed. MIUI 12 Global has just been released and Xiaomi plans to launch MIUI 13 By 2021. MIUI 13 will be based on Android 11 and comes with additional functionality.

MIUI 13 is the Next Generation ROM for Xiaomi devices featuring new and very powerful features that are very powerful to update MIUI 12.

MIUI 13 Release Date in India

MIUI 13 is expected to launch in June 2021 in India as Xiaomi has already started Development. It takes about a year to build the Powerful MIUI 13 Stable ROM.

But Now MIUI 12 Renewal is in the process of being launched in India. Users can get MIUI 12 Additional features before MIUI 13. MIUI 13 release date is next year.

MIUI 13 Features

  • Improvements in User Interface
  • New Animations
  • Enhanced Touch sensitivity
  • Instant editing filter for photos and videos
  • The improved Scrolling screenshot feature
  • Native screen recording support
  • New Theme designs and improved gestures
  • Enhanced and more featured Always on Display
  • Scheduling option for Airplane mode 
  • Improved Share menu App pinning
  • Improved Notification panel for Social media apps for faster Reply and enhanced experience
  • More flexible storage experience
  • Fast charging improvements
  • Improved Battery Performance
  • Great power saving mode for long-lasting battery
  • Improved Notification system for managing older and newer notifications from apps
  • New gestures and additional functionalities
This is all the MIUI 13 major features that you can expect to get in a further update. Now we just have to wait for a moment to get MIUI 13 update.

MIUI 13 Eligible Devices List

The Listed devices are the expected Devices to get MIUI 13 update according to device Release year, Features, etc. Similarly, we have listed for MIUI 12 and now for MIUI 13.
You can check Whether your device is Listed or not?

MIUI 13 Eligible devices List:

  • Redmi K30 5G
  • Redmi K30 4G
  • Redmi K30 Pro
  • POCO F1
  • POCO X2
  • Mi Note 10
  • Mi Note 10
  • Mi Note 10 Pro
  • Mi 10
  • Mi 10 Pro
  • Redmi K20 Pro
  • Redmi K20
  • Redmi 6
  • Redmi 6 Pro
  • Redmi 6A
  • Redmi Note 5
  • Redmi Note 5 Pro
  • Redmi 5
  • Redmi 5A
  • Redmi Note 4
  • Redmi Y1
  • Redmi Y1 Lite
  • Redmi Y2
  • Redmi 4
  • Mi Mix 2
  • Redmi Note 6 Pro
  • Redmi 7A
  • Redmi 8
  • Redmi 8A
  • Redmi Note 8
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro

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